Deploy a Drupal Site on Acquia

Below outlines some of our notes (subject to change) on putting sites onto the acquia environment for Drupal. Take note that this is for the cloud environment and not if you are using the Site Factory product that would require an installation profile to be developed and configuration to be different using acsf (module).

If you have experience with Drush - this walks through the process of getting a site from your environment to the acquia platform in the fastest method:

Essentially for Drush archives

  • Go to
  • on the Acquia dashboard:
  • Select Dev dropdown
    • Import existing site
    • Upload drush site archive
    • Generate drush (learn more link)
    • Download archive to local computer (or create url)
    • Upload to acquia
    • Once done, perform QA and check status report, verify private file settings and that all files have been moved up

The more manual and complex approach: 

  • Import into the Acquia git repo - Link
  • Import the database(s) - Link
  • Import the site’s files - Link
  • Adding settings.php
Clone your site into your local host
  • mkdir docroot
move existing site files into docroot
  • mv * docroot
  • git add --all .
  • git commit -m “Move into docroot.”
Add Acquia as a remote repo inside this git repo 
  • git fetch acquia
Checkout the master branch from Acquia
  • git checkout acquia/master -b acquia_master
  • git merge master
  • rm docroot/.gitignore docroot/acquialogo.gif docroot/index.html
  • git add --all . && git commit && git push acquia master
  • drush sql-dump --gzip --result-file=../mysite.sql
  • scp [db_filename].sql.gz [site]@[server]:./[db_filename].sql.gz
  • drush @[site].[env] ssh
  • drush @[site].[env] ah-db-import [/path/to/db/dump/file]
  • rsync -avz --progress sites/default/files/ [site]@[server]:/mnt/files/[site].[env]/files
for example:


  • git add settings.php && git commit && git push

Additional notes: 

Using Insight: 

Using / renaming environments: