Notification Systems

Many websites and processes tend to require some sort of notification for the user from errors, to processes completing, to even an overall important alert for a campus or organization that needs to be recognized when the user visits a site. 

Here are a few of the notification systems we like to use: 

1. JoliCode - Desktop notifications for systems (not typically web) - A really great library of notifications that attempts to do it's best job at delivering it based on your operating system but has a Drupal module.

2. Chrome Notifications - Been seeing those notifications that every website would like to send you notifications now on Chrome browser? This is how to do that with Drupal nodes! 

3. Using goRoost! - You can send notifications through this third party service

4. Using WebSignal - Another great third party to plugin to post alerts.

If you're looking more for like a campus alert system that's hosted off-site you could also take a look at perhaps


Some modules we have used in the past include: