Social Networks and your Drupal Site

  • Patrick Wall's picture
    August 7, 2013

In today's social world people are always trying to integrate social media with their sites in various ways.  I'll cover some of the more common ways this is accomplished and tools to accomplish this.  If you want a prepackaged distrobution built for social communities, you may want to try Drupal Commons.

Share Buttons and Links

One of the simplest and most common requests is to have share links for a page or website.

Embedded Timelines and other widgets

Many of these are limited by being in an iframe, so you can't customize them that much.

Social Logins

Chat / Commenting


Activity Feeds and Notifications

Salesforce Integration


Flagging / Relationships


URL Shortening

Custom Development

In order to build custom applications, you'll have to understand json and oauth and use what's possible in the APIs.