Top 20 Modules To Leverage

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    July 17, 2013

Here are my top 20 modules I feel every Drupal developer/admin should leverage to make their lives easier. Administrators will find these useful so they can quickly find the content they are looking for. Developers should most definitely leverage most if not all of these modules to cut down on development and focus more on custom functionality.

There are five modules that are not part of the "Top 20" simply because they are pretty much standard and should be installed when developing a Drupal website most of the time. Also, many modules depend on these contributed modules so you will end up installing it anyway. These modules are Views, Chaos Tools, Devel, Libraries, and Drush

Top 20 Modules

  1. Pathologic
  2. Pathauto
  3. Redirect
  4. Administration Menu
  5. Administration Views
  6. Module Filter
  7. Backup and Migrate
  8. Nodeblock
  9. Menu Block
  10. Webform
  11. Views Bulk Operations
  12. Logintoboggan
  13. Masquerade
  14. LESS CSS Preprocessor
  15. CSS Injector
  16. Entity Reference
  17. Nodequeue
  18. jCarousel
  19. Views Slideshow Liquid Carousel
  20. Superfish

So that's it! There are many modules that can probably bump some modules off that list, but these modules cater to a wide variety of situations and best practices that we adhere to at KWALL. I would love to see your reactions below to this list. What are some modules you feel should be on this list?

Here are the slides from the Drupal Camp LA 2013 this past weekend:

Slides from Drupal Camp LA 2013