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Open Source

What is open-source technology? Well in a nutshell it’s the opposite of proprietary software.

It’s the result of passionate programmers, including the ones we have at KWALL, literally giving away their intellectual property (code) for the common good. No costly licenses or upsells, no red tape and no limit on what you can accomplish. That’s why we think its a great fit for today’s web. As technology pushes us faster and faster, we look to each other in the development community for inspiration and resources to keep progressing. That means quicker time to market and minimal long-term costs for you.

At KWALL, we make open-source work for our clients. We leverage all that the web has to offer, building off the work of the greatest minds in technology to help you achieve your goals.


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Using Drupal as the software to manage your new website will make it easy for administrators to organize, manage, and publish online content. 

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) with a flexible web framework that allows us to design and build amazing things. There are many advantages to using Drupal, below are four of the most often cited reasons.

It’s License Free

As an open source software Drupal does not come with any licensing fees or binding maintenance agreements.

It’s Flexible

A large community of committed developers continuously collaborates to extend the system and support emerging technologies. The list of contributed modules is always growing and new solutions can be developed based on need.

It’s Secure

Drupal has a dedicated security team that rigorously tests and analyzes core and contributed code for weaknesses. In addition, the large Drupal user base ensures that any security issues that do arise are immediately identified and swiftly repaired.

It’s Supported

Other proprietary products purchased off the shelf typically provide you with annual support options. Drupal gives you options. Since Drupal has a community of over 1 million individuals and companies, you are free to create a support path that works for your organization.


What's New in Drupal 8?

The hard working community of developers contributing to Drupal 8 released the first production ready version of Drupal 8. New Drupal 8 has been focused on providing the site users with:

  • A new interface to author and modify content in the back end and inline on screen
  • Performance enhancements running on an entirely new platform
  • Better support of important core functions such as previewing changes and translations
  • Less duplication of efforts now that the configuration is updatable via files
  • Better control of content management via APIs and services
  • Hundreds of more included features in the core meaning less modules to update. Create views of content right in core.
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How it Works For Higher Education

Content authoring will be simpler for site managers and editors allowing inline content editing

  • File uploads and management will be simpler and easier with the new file system allowing drag and drop file uploading when editing content 
  • As Drupal 8 is designed for mobile, the responsive sites will be easier to update and maintain
  • Sharing content is easier through a new services layer allowing pushing content or pulling content in to be done with less effort
  • Configuration management will be now in files allowing you to make consistent changes to setup of a site through multiple architectures without manual effort
  • You can caption images and manage the editor with less effort in Drupal 8
  • Let’s Get Started
  • KWALL is ready to start working with providing a new Drupal 8 web system or consulting on updating existing Drupal systems to Drupal 8. Drop us a note and we will help you get ready for the switch.

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