Higher Education

KWALL has been an industry leading voice in higher education for years. We're proud of our work with leaders like CSU Long Beach, the USC Library System and the University of Arizona. With dozens of sites under our belt, from small private colleges to the largest universities, we have the experience necessary for any project.


Allow users to enter their own worlds.


Manage every aspect of their college careers online.


Communicate with students and fellow faculty members.


Make their wealth of knowledge and data available at the stroke of a key.


Stay in touch with what’s happening on campus.


In addition to helping private sector companies and institutions run better and more efficiently, we’re applying digital technology to improve how government functions.

Organize Information

A one stop shop for all student information and overall.

Emergency Alerts

Engaging conversation to help direct students to information


We understand the needs of businesses. We understand how to engage customers on the web. Let us bridge the gap for you.

Media and Entertainment

Engages users with dynamic, media rich, and social friendly features.


The KWALL team gets technologists and your needs. After all, we’re technologists, too.