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An Online Community Aimed at 'Adding Life to Years'

Age-Friendly World is a global initiative started by the World Health Organization and the Global Coalition on Aging. Recognizing the need for political and social change to enhance the well-being of an aging world population, the organizations set out to create an online hub where subject matter experts can dialog and exchange ideas. Across the globe there are affiliated “global network” communities that serve as the local presence for the AFW. Their role is to organize events, contribute news, and generally offer perspective based on what is going on in their area. 


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Sprinkled across the site you will find research and media. A blog populated by renowned experts keeps content up to date with the latest findings and trends related to aging. A slider on the homepage features central topics such as Outdoor Spaces & Buildings and Community & Health Services from which the user can enter a forum of related discussions. A recent social network expansion of the site plans to take this a step further allowing individuals to set up individual profiles and join groups, taking their place in the Age-Friendly World.