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Complex financial mission meets simple, organized web.

At Arizona State University, everything happens at the department of Business & Finance. It’s the nerve center of the university and its multiple campuses. Here, the professionals manage all aspects of the university’s operation: accounting, budgets, buildings, transportation and parking, mail and logistics, campus safety. Business and Finance even runs the solar program – an ingenious system of Power Parasols that enhance the beauty and utility of the Tempe campus by providing much needed shade (temperatures can reach 120 degrees in the summer) and energy generation.



If it all sounds complicated, it is. That’s why when Business & Finance needed a new website that would give them control over the myriad of functions they perform, they came to KWALL. We’re experts at making the complicated – not so complicated. Such as making the navigation of the site logical and user-friendly. Even the open-source Drupal platform, which ASU embraced long before other universities, keeps things simple and cost effective when improvements and changes need to be made.

The bottom line is that KWALL created a website that’s helping ASU keep their bottom line in tip-top shape. Need some help at your university? Consider KWALL. It’s a smart move.

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