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The Atlanta History Center is dedicated to both preserving the past and bringing it to life for visitors of all ages.  Sprawling across 33 acres in Buckhead, the AHC is one of the largest history museums in the Southeast.  Unfortunately, the old website wasn’t communicating the sheer size and character of the Center that includes the 1928 Swan House, the Smith Family Farm, the Centennial Olympic Games Museum, acres of historic gardens and woodland trails.  Plus the Margaret Mitchell House in downtown Atlanta. 

Landing pages for specific locations

When the team from KWALL visited, they were blown away.  They realized immediately that this wasn’t an ordinary “look and see” museum experience.  To attract more visitors, a new site had to capture the beauty and immersive nature of the AHC in a unique and dramatic way.  This insight inspired the engineers and designers to create a site that features expansive visuals of the grounds and exhibits.  Something is always happening at the History Center.  So maps were designed to show where the numerous performances and events were taking place.  Interactive features were included to allow families to plan an itinerary filled with fun things to do.  Teachers are able focus on educational activities.  Civil War buffs can easily connect with their passion.  Even golfers and decorative arts lovers can plan their day on the site.

Everyone at KWALL was excited to contribute their ideas and suggestions to make the Atlanta History Center site the best it could be.  Helping our clients reach their potential on the internet is what we come to work each day to do.  This project may have been about celebrating the past, but it’s what happens in the future that counts.

Map based itinerary planner helps visitors plan their trip and stay on track with their mobile devices.