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  • Accessibility
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Responsive Themes
When we partnered with CSULB to create a new website for the university, we faced the most exciting challenge of all: a clean slate

The school’s website hadn’t basically changed since 2007, and they were ready to blow the doors off the status quo.  We were happy to oblige.

Starting with the university’s bold new theme, DECLARE, our tech experts worked with the school’s design to deliver a digital experience that is creative, intuitive and elevates the mission and vision of the university.



Hosted on a cloud server with Acquia, and built on the Drupal open content management system, the site breaks totally new ground. The homepage was a complete redesign and creates a destination that’s engaging and eye catching.  The rotating video images take advantage of the school’s exciting programs and stunning campus features.  And no matter where you are on the site, every section feels like a new destination that’s important and worth exploring.

Internet usage on mobile devices has exceeded web access via personal computers.  So it was critical that the site offer an optimized mobile experience.  Our engineers built in a responsive design that automatically scales to fit any device – desktop, tablet or smart phone.



Explore Section Visitors catch a glimpse of the campus with a navigable mosaic.

Importantly, the site was built to be future proof.  To avoid costly changes, the site constantly adapts itself.  And the university’s team can make improvements as needed without outside technical assistance.

IMA Award WinnerIf you’d like to know about this site and how to take your website to a whole new level, talk to the people who have the experience and technical knowhow to get it done – KWALL.


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