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We brought Clark University’s website vision to life. And made it personal.

When Clark University asked us to get involved with their website, we were all in. But there was one catch: the design for the site already existed. They wanted us to breathe life into it - digitally speaking. That was all we needed to hear. From there, we took the ball and ran with it. The result? Well, the Clark site has become the most highly awarded website we’ve ever done. The accolades are some of the most prestigious in our industry. The work recieved the Acquia Engage Award as the best Higher Education website of the year for 2016, and went on to win an Interactive Media Award (IMA) along with a prestigious W3 award.


before screenshot


after screenshot

We’re proud of the awards. But we’re even prouder of the site. Our tech wizards really outdid themselves on this one. The key to the success of the website is personalization and optimization of content for each prospective student. To go along with the theme of “Change Our World,” and the site’s bold graphics, we architected “My Journey.” A feature that invites prospective students to enter their education goals, and then adapts to the information each student enters. It’s a constantly evolving, growing and learning experience that makes visitors feel recognized. And these days, that’s a major accomplishment.


Clark Connect screenshot


Facilities screenshot


LEEP program  screenshot

If you want to apply some amazing digital technology to your site, or need to create one from scratch, talk to us. Despite all of the awards, our heads haven’t gotten too big. Really.

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