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A tasty website for a truly unique culinary contest.

The Emergency Kit Cook-off is an online initiative aimed at encouraging the public to be proactive in preparing for an emergency. Teaming with the Arizona Division of Emergency Management and the CDC Foundation, KWALL set out to create an online resource for visitors to discover and contribute recipes that can be prepared using common non-perishable goods.

As an annual event the "cook-off" recipes list of approved ingredients changes every year, ensuring a constant variety of culinary creations. A system on the back-end collects votes for the upcoming year's ingredients, allowing site administrators to crowdsource the most popular options. Once the contest opens users are encouraged to build a profile and enter in their best dish using the ingredients of the year. The dishes are then categorized, rated and commented upon. The result is a fully searchable directory where visitors can find recipes that suit their tastes as they build a plan for preparedness.