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95+ university websites powered by one unified solution.

What happens when one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Florida entrusts your firm with over 95 unique department sites on Drupal 8? Simply put, a lot happens. KWALL’s experience with Drupal 8 Multisite endeavors made this seemingly daunting task painless.


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Realizing that a great university is at it's core is a brand, it was imperative to establish brand continuity that would permeate throughout all the separate websites. An approach we balanced with the flexibility for each department to make their site their own. Using Acquia Cloud Site Factory multisite platform to power our vision, we were able to develop a base configuration that is easily deployable for every department. From there, each department possesses the tools to craft their individual site to fit their particular needs. For instance, standard customizable features include; news and events, slideshows, layouts, color scheme etc. Content editors from the various departments feel reassured knowing their bespoke sites also share a uniform theme throughout.

Customizable pieces empower content editors

The cherry on top? Drupal 8 multisite saves you money! Often hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars when you look at the lifetime costs of each website. No longer will you be subject to licensing fees or rigid support contracts. 

Interested in the benefits and cost savings of Drupal 8 with Acquia Cloud Site Factory for your department websites? Reach out to us to set up an evaulation