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Dragon madness has a new address.

The Las Vegas-based indie band, Imagine Dragons, is taking off like a rocket around the world.  Building on the success of their platinum-selling (over 1.5 million copies) debut studio album, Night Visions, the band is drawing huge audiences in the United States, the UK and South America.  And now for fans who want to be in the know about the group’s latest news, concert dates and videos, KWALL has created a website that’s as hot as the Dragons themselves. WWW.IMAGINEDRAGONSFANS.COM gives fans an intimate way to stay connected to the bands’ members: Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon and Dan Platzman.  Our designers and technology experts have created a multi-functional, edgy-looking site that lets fans enjoy a first-person experience with the guys, post fan pictures, upload fan art and tag photos.  IMAGINEDRGAONSFANS keeps the conversation going by connecting fans to fans and posting the latest Twitter feeds. For Dragons fans, there’s just no better place to spend quality time than at IMAGINEDRAGONSFANS.COM.  The site has been a huge success.  While skillfully solidifying the fan base, the site goes even further by generating the kind of excitement that keeps more and more fans checking in every day.  And that’s music to our ears.