Building a website that emboldens a brand.

When we were given the assignment to create a new website for Northern State University, we saw the opportunity to go beyond a well-designed, superbly functional site. We saw the chance to build an NSU brand personality that reflected the culture and Midwestern values of the university. A personality that would have strong appeal to millennials and give confidence to their parents that NSU was the right choice to make.

Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the quintessential college town, NSU reflects the qualities of the community around it: safe, friendly, welcoming and authentic. All of this is captured in two words: True Northern. This message is communicated throughout the site in visuals and text. For example, a dynamic Social Wall was created to give students an unfiltered, direct view of campus life. A virtual tour showcases the beauty of the campus. And the shots of real students used throughout reinforces a feeling of friendly authenticity.

At KWALL, our team of designers and digital wizards go beyond the expected on every project. It’s what consistently takes our work for higher education to a higher level.