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Develop a new website for America's #1 college No pressure there.

Pomona College gave us the challenge to improve their website. We passed with flying colors. Forbes Magazine recently named Pomona College the #1 school in the country. To achieve that honor, they had to beat out some of the greatest institutions of higher learning: Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford to name a few. So when Pomona selected KWALL to deliver a new website that would reflect its soon to be #1 status, we were more than honored – we were pumped.



Our team joined forces with the Pomona team and took on the challenge. For starters, the homepage was cluttered and lacked visual punch. There was no sense of priority. The navigation bar was small. And while their images were fantastic, they got lost in the small slideshow. Working alongside our creative friends at New City, we started by simplifying everything. Our goal was to deliver a better user experience and make the site more dynamic and flexible. 90% of users access the site for research. So we built it to be mobile friendly and work seamlessly on tablets. To give students a voice, we made it easy to post events. We made it simple to modify with a paragraph based editing tool. And made adding content, images and videos a snap. Other features include Global alerts - in the event of a catastrophe, the whole site switches to alert status. It’s 100% Accessibility Compliant. And it all ties into the Claremont Colleges Consortium.

Detailed, searchable course catalog
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If you’d like to hear more about what KWALL could do for your college or university, we’d be happy to sit down and talk. Pomona College did. Why not you?

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