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Sigma Photo's new online store makes the buying process crystal clear.



Since its conception in 1961, Sigma has worked towards a single, simple goal: To imagine, and develop, the technologies that will allow the attainment of the perfect image. There is no better way to showcase Sigma’s exceptional products and commitment to technology than a fully developed Drupal 7 website utilizing custom features and expert design to give this minimalist website a very powerful core.



Immediately as you load the first page you see a full-page slider, showcasing industry-leading products and tempting your impulses to press Buy Now. As you hover over the various products Sigma has to offer, a one of a kind, jumbo menu drops down to display a wider selection of products. This menu has been tailored to display pictures, product names, and brief descriptions of each product. All e-commerce on the website has been integrated in the company’s current ordering and stock system.

Digging deeper into the website, you begin to see a robust store enriched with engaging interactions. The drag and drop product comparison allows for as little or as many products as a user would like. Utilized alongside the ordering functionality of the website, Product Finder gives the site a unique approach to finding a product you may not have realized you needed. Opposed to the traditional “know what you want and find it” approach, visitors filter by interest (family, nature & wildlife, sports & action, etc.), and then filter by your experience level (amateur to professional).

Another exceptional feature of this best in class ecommerce system, is Sigma’s channel intelligence integration. The channel intelligence integration, or titled as Where to Buy, displays official dealers who offer Sigma products to be searched across the globe, and filtered through search results (by location). A robust integration with the company’s outlet center allows users to choose to buy refurbished products when available. A daily XML feed updates outlet inventory for current stock.