Site Highlights

  • Accessibility
  • Content Strategy
  • CRM
  • Event Management
  • Responsive Themes
  • User Interface
Thunderbird University needed a new website that gave a better face to its vast amounts of data, while at the same time allowing all of its departments to have sites on the same platform.

KWALL created the new Thunderbird School of Global Management website to reach a worldwide set of audiences including current students, alumni, faculty and prospective students. This ambitious redevelopment included migration of a 3,000 page legacy website, encompassing many departments and operational objectives, to a new Drupal CMS. This resettlement of data was done to solve previous roadblocks in ease of use for administrators, overall performance, aesthetic enhancements and to improve user interfaces.



Previously, there was an abundance of users able to make edits and content updates, resulting in competing information and unfocused execution. The new site makes content administration easy and offers each trained user unique permissions based on their needs.

Also included in the development:

  • A custom search feature allowing users a single point to search across all the sites at once and have results collated together.
  • Responsive design to enable the entire site to dynamically resize and reorient to fit all mobile devices – a must for their target market.
  • An interactive map of world-wide locations for users to navigate.
  • A global event calendar that brings all school events into a single interface, making all activities easier to access through dynamic filters such as type, audience and location.

Thunderbird is an established brand backed by progressive beliefs about what it means to lead on a world stage in business. From a content strategy perspective, the goal was to embrace this culture and present it accordingly to an online audience. Additionally, KWALL created easy paths for lead generation with configurations that allow administrators to assemble forms more quickly and simplify internal processes.

This site renovation has resulted in an easier to use site that has increased awareness, simplified systems of communication and enhanced the overall look and representation of the Thunderbird School of Global Management’s online presence.