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A great library needs a great website.

The library at UCSB has always been the intellectual core of the university. Recently, that core became even bigger. With an $80 million-dollar expansion project completed in 2016, the library doubled in size. Now students, faculty, staff and the community have increased access to millions of books, journals, films and sound recordings. But all of that information posed a problem for the library’s old website. So UCSB decided to do something about it.


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As part of the re-birth of the library, UCSB’s IT group turned to KWALL to develop a new site that would be as modern and technologically advanced as the library itself. We were happy to take on the challenge. Our experts went to work and designed a site that provides users with the ability to quickly search the library’s vast storehouse of data. To make it simple and user- friendly, the team created an interface that lets visitors effortlessly toggle through the entire content of the library. Now, everything from scholarly research journals to the schedule of library hours is only a few clicks away, important information for UCSB’s students, and a major asset in attracting new students. UCSB’s new library is the crown jewel of the university. And our new website helps it shine.

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