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KWALL’s digital wizardry takes the University of Arizona website into the future.

At the University of Arizona, they understand their brand. And they know how critical it is to put their best “face” forward with a website that’s digital first – crisp, clean, contemporary and intelligently organized. So when they invested in a redesign, they asked us to work with their traditional agency to make it happen – beautifully.


Applying to UA The road to applying to University of Arizona has never been simpler.

The U of A homepage stands out because it’s based on a lot of fresh thinking. Not formulaic, off the shelf solutions. If that’s the kind of thinking you’d like to see incorporated into your school’s next website, talk to KWALL. Give us your goals, your hopes, your must-haves and we’ll get to work figuring out the technical solutions to bring it all to life – digitally.



To accomplish this, our technical experts started by throwing out a lot of the clutter and confusion found on many university websites. They worked hard to condense the content and organize it in a way that brought the most impact to each and every messaging element. The University demanded that everything look and feel fresh. So we integrated a video into the site that goes beyond the pretty pictures you see in typical campus tour videos. The new video now functions like an interactive device

Navigation with Purpose A streamlined navigation keeps the focus on taking action