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Building Pride. Building Connections.

When students graduate from the University of Arizona, they leave with more than a top-notch education. They take with them a lifetime of memories and a powerful, emotional connection to UA. The challenge for the University was how to maintain and grow that bond with alumni years after they’d left the campus. To meet that challenge, UA turned to the technology and design experts at KWALL.



Being passionate about staying connected with our own schools, the KWALL team was excited to dig down and really understand what the university and it’s graduates truly wanted from a dedicated website. And how to best deliver the experience they were looking for. What we found was that it came down to one core value: pride. Alumni wanted to feel proud of their alumni association and to experience a sense of belonging. They wanted to stay in touch with what was happening on campus and be able to reach out to other alums in their area. They also wanted to be able to access the association site from wherever their busy lives took them. Which led us to design a site that functioned as brilliantly on a mobile device as it did on a laptop.




So far, the results have been outstanding. Since the site went live, unique visitors have doubled. Bounce has been reduced by 12%. Page views have also doubled. And, importantly, time spent on the site has increased by 30 seconds. The new website has also made it easier for graduates to connect and support the university. And that’s an accomplishment we can all be proud of.

Redesigned news center focuses on alumni stories