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Different Libraries in one place; and where to get a great cup of coffee

KWALL’s new USC Libraries website makes life simpler for thousands of students and researchers. USC gives students every tool they need to succeed, and no resource is more important than a university’s library system. Covering everything from Accounting to Law to Marine Science, the libraries are scattered all over campus. So the university created a website to bring them all together in one place.  USC turned to KWALL because the legacy site was in need of modern updates.


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Our team went to work to understand the complexity of the system and how to deliver a superior user experience that was simpler and more personalized. The new site is now up and running and getting rave reviews. One look and you’ll understand why. Clean, contemporary and visual, it puts everything at the user’s fingertips. There’s a quick overview of all the libraries and real time indication of whether each library is open or closed. The website features news and events, and pulls in content from Instagram and Twitter. Students have their own personalized dashboard to keep track of books they have out and what fees they owe. Through Library Services, they can reserve a room in one of the libraries and even print research documents. The site also allows admin personnel to post alerts and showcase important information. And because research often involves long, tiring hours, there’s a guide to where students can find coffee to perk things up. Need some help making your university website perform a little bit better? Talk to the experts at KWALL. We’ve done all of the research and have the answers you’re looking for.

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