Experience has taught us that it is harder than ever for schools to establish a digital footprint with all of the “noise” being generated online by competing institutions.

That’s why it’s critical to have a site that carves out a unique niche online for your school. A fresh, contemporary web presence that makes use of exciting video and clean, dramatic graphics will tell your school’s unique story. Attracting new students and reinforcing pride amongst supporters.

And we don’t stop there.

With so many different people, organizations and audiences to address, the site has to be designed intelligently. So it's simple to use and makes life easier for all. Here are just a few areas where we're breaking new ground. 

  • Portals

    Allow users to enter their own worlds.

  • Students

    Manage every aspect of their college careers online.

  • Teachers

    Communicate with students and fellow faculty members.

  • Libraries

    Make their wealth of knowledge and data available at the stroke of a key.

  • Alumni

    Stay in touch with what’s happening on campus.

To learn more, check out our case histories. When it comes to higher education, you can learn a lot from the KWALL team.