Streamlining Success: Marketing Automation in Higher Education

Technology has played a big role in education, but its impact has become particularly profound in recent years. With higher education institutions predominantly operating in the digital sphere, online marketing has become the norm. Marketing automation has proven to be exceptionally beneficial and efficient for universities and colleges.

The emergence of KWALL as a distinct industry underscores this focus on leveraging technology to enhance learning. Let us delve into how higher education is utilizing marketing automation. 

Thoroughly strategize and implement your marketing plan for optimal results

First and foremost, the most important aspect of automated marketing campaigns is that they are carefully planned out and executed. You do not need to intervene at any point while they are in progress as long as you consider different factors and plan the campaign in a way that will make it go as smoothly as possible.

For example, you can completely automate your email marketing. Send notification emails to students automatically by scheduling them beforehand. Likewise, you can automate content publication on your institution’s website or social media profiles.

Such content can help you generate more traffic on your website while also informing or educating students about important topics (e.g. how to prepare documents for a visa for foreign students). 

Reduce the Risk of Potential Errors and Mistakes

When your marketing campaign is automated, there is a reduced risk of potential errors and mistakes. This is because you won’t be intervening too much with the marketing when a campaign is in progress. The human factor that could lead to mistakes (e.g. accidentally publishing the wrong content) is simply absent when everything is automated.

That being said, the benefit of reduced risks is only true when your marketing is properly planned, set up, and automated. This is why you need to do a lot of research before finalizing your marketing strategy and setting it up. Make sure you know what you are doing with your marketing and why you believe everything will work as they should.

Once you launch your automated marketing campaign and problems arise, you can always correct the mistakes in the process. It will be relatively easy to do damage control because you will already know how you have set up your entire campaign and what exactly needs to be adjusted.

Save Time to Manage Other Aspects of Communication with Students

Marketing is not the only way universities and colleges communicate and interact with students. There are other things to consider, but marketing can take too much time. Luckily, by automating your marketing campaigns, you will have more time on the other aspects of communication.

Content creation for your website, for instance. While it is a part of marketing to some extent, you can’t actually automate it. You will need time to create your web content yourself or hire experienced writers from a writing service such as Trust My Paper to create content for you.

On the other hand, your support team may find it difficult to handle all student requests on their own. Using automation for marketing will allow you to focus on providing proper support to every student that needs it. Whether it’s about sending in their application or changing their courses or something else, every student needs assistance, which may require time. 

This image shows how marketing automation is used in higher education.

Guide students to become increasingly open and responsive through nurturing

Marketing is important for educational institutions to attract potential students during the application season. In the long run, it is also necessary because it helps you nurture students to make them more receptive over time. It’s about building a bond (particularly with your current students) that will last for a long time and will pay off someday.

Imagine that you have a particularly high-achieving student who participates in different competitions and wins prizes. They are already improving the image of your college or university, and once they graduate, you can proudly call them your alumnus. Your relationship with the students should go beyond graduation. 

Continue sending them emails with relevant information (e.g. news in the industry related to their degree). There will come a point where you may want to ask them for some feedback on the program they completed at your institution and their other experiences. They are more likely to give you such feedback if they feel a bond with the institution that you built. 

Decrease Costs and Grow Budgets for Other Needs 

Automation is critical for marketing because it helps you reduce time, but it can also help you decrease costs and, in turn, grow the budget for other needs. This is particularly important for smaller universities and colleges that don’t have big budgets to spend in the first place, so every cent they have counts.

For example, if you automate your email marketing campaigns, you will only need one or two people to manage them. You don’t need to have a big team managing your email marketing operations manually. Automatically sending emails is the best way to ensure that the intended recipients get them and that you send them all regularly and on time. 

When you only have a few employees working on marketing, you will need to pay fewer people. You could use the money you may have otherwise spent on marketing for other purposes ranging from support to payment processing. It’s all about allocating your budget and reducing expenses by using automation. 

Find the Best Time to Contact and Engage with Students

When it comes to marketing, it’s not just the quality of materials and content that matter–it is also the time and place you publish your content. If you publish at the right time, you will have more chances of reaching your target audience—like potential students—and engaging with them.

You can also apply this to your current students. For example, the time to send an email might be less obvious than you think. If you send it on the weekend, the students will probably see it on Monday. Not everyone checks their inbox during the weekend. The same is true about the time of the day you send the email. Students in class won’t be able to check their inbox and respond immediately.

These details matter way more than you think in the context of higher education. While the timing of your marketing is important for your current students, it is arguably even more important for potential students. By automating your marketing, you will get more insights and be able to set up campaigns in a smart way. 

Improve Marketing Over Time with Less Effort

Lastly, automating your marketing can help you improve your processes over time with less effort. Some factors that could affect the quality and success of your campaigns include:

  • How well you know your target audience and how well you personalize your marketing 
  • When you publish your content and on which platforms
  • What kind of bond you are able to form with your audience and how you use this bond at different points in your relationship with your audience
  • Whether there are any errors and mistakes happening during your marketing campaigns and how you deal with them

Because you already have everything set up and automated, changing your marketing strategy to make it better will be relatively easy. You will need to alter only specific aspects of your marketing instead of having to plan out everything from scratch and then execute it all correctly. It will reduce the amount of time and effort you have to put in to make your marketing campaigns more effective, efficient, and impactful.