10 Things Your Alumni Website Needs

Designing and building a website tailored towards your alumni can be tricky. Below are some key ideas in no specific order to keep in mind while developing a plan around your alumni site:

  1. Focus on the needs of your Alumni, how can your site help them in their career and networking.
  2. Make the benefits of joining the association clear and easy to understand.
  3. Intuitive joining process.
  4. Easy to renew your membership.
  5. Visual representation of events and updates.
  6. Understandable membership frequently asked questions.
  7. How to connect with other alumni.
  8. A place for groups to create profiles and advertise events.
  9. Large social media presence.
  10. Advertise how to make donations and other gifts.

See the work we've done with the University of Arizona Alumni Association. alumni.arizona.edu