3 Simple Steps to Working with Design Divas

3 Simple Tips to Working with Design Divas

As whimsical, flippant and scattered as we may perceive them to be, Designers really aren't that bad. They're a lot more patient, willing and analytical then their diva-esque reputations suggest. 
For a Project Manager (or anyone, really) to successfully work with a Designer - even an entire team of these color-conscious individuals - it is important to navigate around their unique needs. To do so is not complex. There are 3 simple tips: 
1. Compile Information 
2. Apply a Timeline 
3. Go Away
A common mistake Account and Project Managers make is constantly checking-in on "the creative process." So... your Designer isn't at his/her desk, seems easily distracted, doesn't immediately provide you feedback and has spent the day playing with that silly promotional giveaway from last year's conference and (AND!) his/her desktop hasn't had your project on it for hours. That's OK! Relax. This is all part of what they call, "the creative process." They're thinking. Calibrating. Concepting. Each time you check-in, you've disrupted the "process." Each 3-minute quick question you ask will set your project back one hour. 
Give them their assignment, and let them do their thing. After all, it's their job. It's their talent. When working with Designers, it's best to compile all relevant information into a digestible format (hint: words congested into paragraph format on a long page may frighten Designers - so an organized Creative Brief or quick presentation deck works best). Once you have the relevant information, apply a timeline - then clearly communicate those to your Designer. And, Go Away. 
Good luck!
P.S. Don't completely disappear - linger silently in their midst in case they approach you with questions (they will).