Details on the Formation of Forms

  • Patrick Wall's picture
    November 19, 2013

Forms are useful tools for your website.  Here are a few ways to use them.

For simple forms:  You can try it out in more detail here:

For forms that need to use the flexibility of drupal fields, rules, etc:  These are more complex to setup, but very powerful.

For multiple choice, long answer, etc quizzes:  This is limited in its expandability and only really helpful for quizzes.

For things that don't need to be embedded in a site, and that you'd like to tie to google docs, you can use:

If you're doing things far more complex than that you may want to look at external services like:  

If none of these fit the bill then you can build something custom in drupal, you just need to know the form api:

Form Generation:
Form submission:!

Altering forms:
Form API Reference:

You can then tie your webform or custom forms to outside services if you'd like using the following: