Email Management

The email monster

  • the more you feed it, the more it eats you
  • email volleying, this isn’t twitter try to have your emails setup so there’s one response to a lot of questions, and then no more back and forth

Writing Email

  • concise but informative, five sentence rule
  • polite and professional
  • if you’re angry or upset, wait to send
  • have action items at the end and a summary at the start
  • direct your email to someone in particular (not a group)
  • include only relevant people
  • if it’s a sensitive or complicated issue, just call or schedule a meeting instead
  • canned responses or text expanders
  • signatures

Reading Email

  • Email clients
  • Email Previews on your screen
  • delete or archive first
  • two minute rule to do now vs later
  • when to use a short response vs responding entirely
  • mornings are when you should plan to be most productive for most people, since your brain is more active
  • Set times to check, other than important, have a routine and times you plan to check email and do non-priority responses
    • 9-11am: do most important work (can be stuff from email of yesterday)
    • 11-11.30am: process emails
    • 12.30pm – 3.30pm: do other work (that include new tasks just processed from emails earlier in the morning)
    • 4pm – 4.30pm: process email
    • 4.30pm – 4.45pm: manage to do list based on tasks worked on today and the last set of emails

Managing Email

  • Flags/Stars
  • Labels
  • Importance
  • Archiving vs unread
  • Rules
  • Notifications
  • Groups and Contacts in your mail
  • vacation responders