The Ever Growing Need For Infographics

More and more we see infographics taking over how data is presented. No longer is it ok to just throw some numbers up on the page and call it a day. People want information that they can be engaged with and quickly see whats going on. From there they can look deeper into the details.

Steps to Creating an Infographic

  • Research the data
    If you don't know your data then how can you properly illustrate the idea to your viewers. The more data collected the better, you may not use all of it. Many times you'll see patterns and other visuals that you can integrate into your graphics.

  • Target audience
    Look into who you are taking to, what images and symbols will best attract their attention. Look to colors, patterns, shapes, etc to help convey the data and message of the infographic. 

  • Start out simple
    I always start out simple, basic charts, graphs, numbers, line charts, etc. From there you have a simple layer to work with. You can see the ups and downs of the data and the problems and even unforeseen problems arise. 

  • Designing!
    Now the fun part beginnings and by far the hardest part. What makes a great infographic is a clear message with graphics that support and lift that idea. Then creating a collective image with all these elements put together is even more powerful. A huge part of this is creating clear heirarchy, whats the most important message, then have other facts built off of that central idea, or broken up into other organized segments. 

  • Feedback and refining
    It's important to constantly get an outsiders perspective, it may make sense to you but not to everyone else. Infographics should be a bit self explanitory. They still need clarification but there should be a clear message of either success, sameness or where theres a problem.

​There's a look into the life of an infographic. There isn't any perfect formula for a perfect infographic since all infographics are different. They have to be tailor made which makes then unique and so interesting.