How to Create a Slideshow with a View

How to Create a Slideshow with a View

There's a lot of blog posts on how to create a slideshow with a View in Drupal 7 and there are so many ways to do it too. So I'll run you through one of the many ways to set up a slide show.

Modules you'll need to have installed:

  • Views
  • Field Collections
  • Flexslider - You'll need to add the flexslider library to make this work and clear cache after installing.

Step 1: Set up Content type for Slideshow

  • Add a content type of slideshow (whatever you want to call it) and a field called slides (whatever you want to call it) field type Field Collection and widget embedded

Content Slideshow

Step 2: Add fields to field collection fields

  • Add a title
  • Add an Image
  • Add a description
  • Add any other fields you'd like to your slides to have

3. Add view for slideshow

  • First under Advanced > Relationships add Content: Slides
  • Format as Flexslider and Show Fields
  • Add Fields from field collection Image, Title and Description with relationship to field collection item from field_slides(or whatever you called slides)
  • Filter Criteria
    Content: Published (Yes)
    Content: Published (Yes)
  • Sort Content: Slides (field_slides:delta)
  • Pager Display all items

Add view for slideshow

Step 4: Set view slideshow block where you want to display it.

Last Step:Now you just need to theme your slideshow