Make Your Video More Interactive Using Popcorn.js

Mozilla has come up with a brilliant way to make your videos way more interactive with your clients. The library they created is called Popcorn.js and it is a framework that allows your video to update your html of that page at any time and vice versa. You can find the framework information here.

So there are so many things Popcorn.js can help you increase the interactive experience for your clients. In the example provided on their homepage (, the video plays and at 8 seconds, the panel to the right of the video says pop! Later on in the video they display a video and what looks to be the location of where the footage was taken. Further more, there is a social media video, and the panel now is updated with the video's related comments.

It's amazing the things you can do to bring your video to life. Your video was the feature on a page, and now your whole page is now the feature. Imagine how much more effective informecials would be if you can update items inside a cart as the video plays and sales person says "You get this, and this and this, but wait there's more!" and at the end it updates with a link to the shopping cart for your purchase?

If you are doing virtual video tours for the house wouldn't it be nice to view the architechtural schematics of a room as the tour shows what it looks like?

There are so many ways Popcorn.js can enrich your site's interactivity.