Making Slideshows work for you

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    July 15, 2014



Before I started working at Kwall, I thought I knew Slideshows. Boy I was wrong!

Making slideshows is not always about how fast you can build one. For KWALL, it is more important to empower our clients with the ease of manipulating a slideshow's attributes so they can update their site as frequent as they want. With every project it is important to understand our client's needs so we can deliver a solid product.

1 of my personal favourites is being able to create slideshows as blocks. This allows ultimate Flexibility and empowers your clients in creating different slideshows for the various sections they would like to feature them.

Here is my Easy-bake recipe for slideshows

Modules Involved:

  2. Viewfield 
  3. Nodeblock
  4. Field Collection
  5. Your Fav slideshow Module (Views Slideshow, Flexslider)

Steps Involved

1) Enable and configure.

  • Enable your modules listed above.
  • Under Structure > Content Types Create a Content type named slideshow
    • Create a field of type "field collection" called "slides", allow for as many slides as you would like. (This automatically creates the "slide" field collection)
    • Create a field of type "viewfield". In the Settings set the default argument as [node:nid]. **(This setting is key when delivering the node information to the slideshow view)**
    • Under Nodeblock Settings enable the content type to be displayed as a block.
  • Under Structure > Field Collections  edit the "slide" field collection
    • Create the fields you would use in each of your slideshow (example: An image, Some caption Text, Some sort of link)

2) Create a view

Create a view for the slideshow.

Select the type of view you would like to create whether it be Flexslider or Views Slideshow

Create a relationship to the slideshow. Make it required. Create a contextual filter for content: nid 



Select the fields you would like to use, and in the field settings ensure they're coming from the relationship you just created 


Now you're ready to go! Add a content type of Slideshow. Once it's created go to the blocks page and add to any page you want!