Recommended Hosting Companies

An issue that pops it's head up again and again is how can I host this awesome site you just built me?  There's all kinds of hosting out there, but here are some of my current favorites, listed in alphabetical order with some of the major differentiating points:

  Support   Control Panel  Security Development Environment Difficulty of Install Price
(listed in general order 1 being low)
Contract Type Link
Acquia Cloud Entire Platform   Yes They audit, but up to you to implement.  Included Easy 3 Monthly / Yearly
Amazon EC2 None  No  Entirely up to you.  Additional Server Hard 1 Pay as you go or yearly
Firehost Server  No  They audit and have security measures in front of your application. Additional Server Easy 4 Monthly
Rackspace Server No Entirely up to you.  Additional Server Medium 2 Pay as you go or monthly

Things to remember when setting up a host:

  • Setup your own backups and test them, never rely on other people's backups.
  • Email isn't always included, but there are plenty of services out there: Amazon SES or Mandrill to name a few.
  • It's not easy, so unless you have done it before you may want to look for a consultant to help.
  • Disk space is cheap, better to have extra than too little.
  • Always keep enough spare resources to deal with spikes in traffic.

If you're site is running too slowly, you may want to check my post about caching.