Content migration is one of the most essential, yet resource intensive endeavors we will make in a website redevelopment.

It takes deep analytical planning to ensure content is current and matches the renewed content strategy. At the same time, great technical expertise is needed to transfer the content from point A to point B in an orderly and efficient manner. Luckily at KWALL, we have both sets of experts under one roof.

Depending on the volume of legacy content and your internal team’s willingness to get their hands dirty in review and rewriting of content, the extent to which you need our help varies. However, the general process remains the same.

  • Migrate Content

    KWALL has an internally authored automated script that we use for our migration needs. Having completed migrations of up to 100,000 pieces of content before, this script has been refined to even the most demanding of needs. In the migration phase of our process we map out all of your content, make tweaks to our script and run a batch process to populate the new database.

  • Settle Content

    Just because the content made it to the new database, doesn’t mean it’s ready for prime time. There’s a need to review the content types and schema to ensure that all the content is properly aligned with the desired future content architecture.

  • Cleanup Content

    The most time intensive portion of our process. In the content cleanup phase we review the output of content on the front end of the site to verify that each page inherits the styles of the new theme. Unfortunately, this is never 100% true for every page of the site. Elements such as headers and tables may still be outputting in hard-coded legacy styles. Images and other associated content may not output or link properly. Which means we have to go in and manually style and format this content prior to launch.


    KWALL has a proven process for migration that has been refined over several full .edu migrations. The process begins with our custom migration script that pulls content from your ExpressionEngine system and parses out fields that we map into our new content architecture.

    Page content is staged into an archive for review and potential rewrite or discard by university teams. We assist and aid your content stakeholders in this process. A portion of the resulting content will require formatting and styling once in the new system to match the new brand and web style guide. 

    KWALL will migrate content from the ExpressionEngine (  Setup of one automated migration for main Ketchum site based on a list of URLs finalized during R&D phase. There will be no page limit for the migration, but this will include the cleanup for a maximum of 100 TBD pages.

    Website files include: .asp, .aspx, .html, .htm, .xml, and .js
    Files include: .asp, .aspx, .html, .htm, .xml, and .js
    Images include: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff

    We have accounted for the cleanup of up to 100 pages of content under this agreement. The formatting and styling needs of additional page content will be assessed at the time of content import and a separate quote may be generated for KWALL to complete this task.


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