KWALL has the expertise to connect donors, advisors and institutions through your charitable foundation's website. 

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Research and Discovery

We'll get to know your institution and your unique users to fashion a custom solution. We do this by developing user personas: profiles of likely site visitors based on our research. We then use those personas to prototype how a given user would interact with your site content. 

Simplify the Giving Process

Talking about money is hard. Talking about planning for a legacy can feel overwhelming. Make the process as painless as possible with a clear and concise website.

  • We use engaging graphics and visuals to bring the numbers to life. 
  • Guide donors through the process every step of the way.
  • Thoughtful content strategy. Only what's needed is included.
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Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

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Engaging Testimonials

Let Donors tell their stories through rich media testimonials. Future clients can learn about your foundation, services and the types of funds available to them. Host videos through any of the major providers, or on your own site.

KWALL can build a website that is custom tailored to your donors and advisors. We can help to lead them through the entire process with a simple and inspiring site. 


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