When it comes to a website, it’s all about the User. Who is visiting your site, what are they looking for, and what more can you be offering these people in a digital experience?

This is where we come from with any project. We learn everything we can about your audience and create detailed profiles for each user segment to help us see the site through their eyes. Then we challenge our team to dream up new ways to engage with them. 

Persona Development

To get a better understanding of the different types of people in your target audience, we’ve created Persona Development. We want to look at the site through the users’ eyes. So we give each one a name and a legacy that tells us who they are, where they come from and what their interests are.

Storyboard Narratives

How do your target users interact with the site? Are important objectives being met in an easy and engaging manner? These narratives bring all of this information to life for you and inform the work of our developers and designers.

Information Architecture

You can have the best content on the web, but it won’t matter if no one can find it. So with our research in mind, we rethink how content is presented to each user under a variety of use cases. We illustrate the new organization of content with a site map and set forth a blueprint for the new site. The goal is three fold: how best to resonate with key audiences, facilitate conversions to client-identified goals and increase the site’s prominence in search indexing.


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