Chances are you have many different audiences you’re trying to reach on the internet. Each of these audiences has various interests and different reasons to work with, buy from or donate to you.

Until now these audiences were given the same website and largely treated the same as a result. Meaning that your unique value proposition to each individual has either been diluted for uniformity sake or worse yet completely off-target with the wrong messaging.

That was the old way of the web. Now through use of content personalization technologies we tailor the experience of each audience segment on your website. Each person on your site is provided content that is meaningful to them based on their browsing behaviors and known interests. That means a more personal dialogue with the individuals you’re trying to connect. And that means higher conversions on your digital goals.

Personalization delivers you a number of benefits:

  • Know who your visitors are
  • Deliver tested, relevant content
  • Provide real time contextual experiences
  • Integrate content with campaigns
  • Increase time on site and conversions


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