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Florida State University

What happens when the oldest continuous site of higher education in Florida entrusts your firm to position 146 unique department sites on Drupal 8? Simply put, a lot happens. KWALL’s experience with Drupal 8 multisite endeavors made this seemingly daunting task painless.
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Multiple Themes

Editors have the option to choose from different themes that all share the same components and sections. Allowing departments to subtly set themselves apart from each other while still being in line with the Universities brand efforts.


Embedded video and video slideshows along with news and event centers allow for departments to feature all of the content to visitors. 

Content migration

With around 50,000 pages needing to be migrated over to their respective departments KWALL was able to use our tailored script to handle the heavy lifting.

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Project Overview
Customizable pieces empower content editors
A strict style guide was set in place to keep all sites on the same page in terms of design and functionality. We created a flexible system that allows for editors to customize their pages as needed with the available components.

Faculty Directory
Each department can utilize a directory that will display a listing of their faculty and link to more detailed information. Filters and other search methods can be used to help narrow down the selection.

Event center
Little effort is needed for departments to have a one-stop shop for all of their events. A generic event center was created to help alleviate the stress of managing so many events and just worry about putting on the best events around.
  • Drupal 8 multisite implementation
  • Consistent Styles
  • Easy to edit content 
  • Migration of legacy content