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Hungry Howies

Hungry Howies is a national pizza chain in 22 states with over 550 stores. They needed robust and scalable web presence that could accomodate spikes in traffic around holidays and connect users to ordering quickly. 

Services: UX Design | Drupal Development | Migrations | Personalization
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Winner of a 2023 Web Excellence Award in the food category
Our process
The priorities for this project were conversions, accessibility and mobile design. Through a detailed discovery phase we learned that session duration and orders were inversely correlated! The longer people have to hunt for content, the less pizza they order. We developed a strategy to connect users to the order form as quickly as possible and then built high fidelity mobile prototypes. We also worked with our accessibility partners, A360, to plan an accessible experience.
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Deals and pricing are highly sensitive to locality. Howies needed a way to surface the right deals to the right users. We built a seamless geolocation system that delivers deals based on the user location. 

Mobile First
Who orders pizza on their computer? Almost no one. Mobile design was of the utmost importance for this project. We needed a seamless, app like experience, that handed customers off to the ordering platform.