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Johnson C. Smith University

JCSU is a private university located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. An esteemed organization known for its long-standing legacy and commitment to excellence in fostering the next generation of bold innovators and leaders. 


With a rich legacy spanning 156 years, JCSU has continuously strived to provide exceptional education. Recognizing the need to revitalize their online presence and align it with their bold brand, they sought a comprehensive web solution that would seamlessly integrate their design work and deliver an exceptional user experience for their diverse audience. JCSU also emphasized the importance of having full control over their assets and ensuring a robust architecture and hyperperforming development. 

Our Process
Answering the call, KWALL stepped up to create a full build solution that perfectly matched and embodied JCSU's unique brand identity. By harmoniously blending design and technical prowess, KWALL empowered JCSU to showcase their institution's strengths, engage their audience, and stay ahead in the digital landscape. The full build solution not only met their immediate needs but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. 
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  • Detailed Functional and Technical Specifications document guides development
  • Implementation of various features, including content editing, breadcrumbs, analytics, roles and permissions, content types, headers and footers, news/stories center, events calendar, social media sharing, search configuration, menus, content moderation, social wall, SEO features, alert banners/emergency notifications, group content, campus map, content migration, browser compatibility, themes, trainings, quality assurance testing, and acceptance of deliverables.
  • Third-party integrations

  • Collaborative effort between JCSU and KWALL 
  • Compliance with WCAG 2.1, ADA Section 508, and mutually agreed-upon accessibility standards
  • Design and functionality requirements related to accessibility



The architecture of the website was carefully structured to accommodate JCSU's diverse range of content and user interactions. KWALL seamlessly integrated various components, such as user-friendly navigation menus, interactive forms, and multimedia elements, into the architecture. This approach allowed for a cohesive and intuitive user experience, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly explore and engage with the website.



Scalability was a key consideration in the website architecture. KWALL designed a modular and extensible framework that could easily accommodate future growth and evolving needs. This future-proof approach empowered JCSU to expand their online presence, add new functionalities, and adapt to emerging technologies without the need for significant rework or redevelopment.



Moreover, KWALL's emphasis on performance optimization played a crucial role in the website architecture. By employing efficient coding practices, implementing caching mechanisms, and optimizing server configurations, KWALL ensured that the website delivered exceptional loading speeds and responsiveness. This focus on hyperperformance allowed JCSU to provide an unparalleled user experience and retain visitors' attention in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

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