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Mendocino Lake Community College District

Mendocino Lake Community College District (MLCCD), a “small but mighty” organization committed to student success, sought to revitalize its website to better serve its diverse student community. With a wide range of programs, services, and a strong emphasis on guided pathways, MLCCD needed a website that would effectively communicate its offerings and provide a seamless user experience. Enter KWALL, as leader in web development specializing in higher education solutions, we partnered with MLCCD to create a robust website that exceeded expectations and supported the college’s mission.

Services: UX Design | Drupal Development | Migrations | Personalization

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Our process
KWALL identified key areas for improvement, prioritizing a homepage redesign, enhanced internal search functionality, strategically built tabs based on data, and mobile-friendly optimization. The homepage redesign aimed to create a visually appealing and intuitive entry point for new visitors, immediately conveying MLCCD's commitment to student success. The improved internal search functionality ensured that students could easily find the information they needed, while strategically built tabs organized content based on user data, making navigation more user-friendly. Lastly, KWALL implemented mobile-first optimization, recognizing the importance of accessibility and ensuring a seamless experience across devices.
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Conveying the Message to New Visitors 
KWALL understood the importance of effectively conveying MLCCD's message to new visitors. The website was designed to highlight the college's diverse programs and services aimed at supporting student success. Emphasizing MLCCD's commitment to welcoming students from all backgrounds, the website showcased the inclusive student culture and the dedicated employees who embody the Caring Campus philosophy. Additionally, the implementation of the guided pathways framework was prominently featured, helping new visitors understand the structured pathways to their desired degrees and certificates.

Meeting the Needs of Various Student Groups
Recognizing the unique needs of current, future, and returning students, KWALL ensured the website's structure catered to each group. By differentiating content and providing clear navigation pathways for re-entry students, adult learners, and other specific demographics, the website created a personalized experience. MLCCD's focus on providing essential information, such as class schedules, counseling services, registration processes, access to email, and the MyMendo/Canvas platforms, was prominently featured to meet the needs of all student groups.

Project Overview Highlights:
Architecture development (block types, paragraph types, navigation).
Core Content Moderation Module configuration. 
LDAP Module configuration.
Custom Drupal views. 
Drupal 8/9 upgrade. 
Accessibility (WCAG 2 AA guidelines).
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