The Challenge

We knew we had to deliver a system that the nearly 250,000 residents of Chandler, Arizona would be proud of. Utilizing numerous integrations that are essential to facilitate the myriad of responsibilities that a large, influential city must execute on a daily basis, we were able to craft a website that is ultimately extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

chandler old website screenshot
chandler redesign screenshot


Detailed Analysis

We completed a competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews and focus groups to guide the design process.

Phased Implementation

Breaking the project into small pieces gave Chandler more control over the process. It allowed KWALL to work quickly towards specific goals.

Ongoing Support

A website is never done. KWALL and Chandler have continued their partnership, constantly improving and refining after initial launch.

City Events

Chandler is an incredible city with tons going on every day. Our research indicated one of the single biggest reasons residents come to Chandler's website is to find city events. We created a dynamic, interactive events center that shows off what Chandler has to offer.

government building columns

More Government Specific Solutions

User Focused

Users found the previous site's navigation confusing. So we listened to what they wanted and came up with an audience based system. Instead of organizing information around the department, we present it how users think about it. The navigation items of explore, residents, business and government speak to the primary audiences we developed during our research.

Business Services
screenshot of business landing page
Tourism Focused Page
screenshot of aquatics page
News Center
screenshot of news center

Whether an inspection or permit inquiry exists, or a community member seeks to learn about an inaugural city event, the new City of Chandler website ensures all users will have their expectations exceeded.


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