The Challenge
The City of Rancho Cucamonga had an outdated and confusing website. Users couldn't find city services and information they needed. The site also didn't work for the 65% of users who were accessing it with a mobile device.
Most of all Rancho wanted to simplify and refine their site. To focus on what matters most to residents and cut out the rest.
screenshot of old homepage
screenshot of new homepage


Content Strategy

The main focus of this redevelopment was to simplify and restructure content. This required a detailed site analysis so the KWALL and Rancho team could decide what to keep. The site analysis also generated the sitemap and user flows.


KWALL worked with Rancho to redesign the site in a way that aligned with the city's brand and values. We do this by identifying those values and the primary audiences visiting the site. This enables us to create a compelling experience.

screenshots of mobile homepage and page menu

Mobile First

Rancho's analytics revealed a huge amount of mobile traffic, so we adopted a mobile first design strategy. This means starting with mobile designs before moving into desktop designs. So mobile users are truly a first class citizen.

We included a mobile optimized menu structure and page section menus to make navigating on mobile easier. We also included a lot of horizontal scrolling elements which reduce page size and allow mobile users to directly manipulate the content.

screenshot of city services page

City Services

We found visitors to Rancho's website were primarily looking for city services. We featured many of the most common services right on the homepage and created a filterable list of services on a dedicated page.

City Agendas & Meetings
city agendas screenshot
Animal Center
screenshot of animal center page
City Events
screenshot of events page

The final site has 68% fewer pages. This, along with making city services more prominent, vastly improved users experience. Users can find what they came for quickly and without having to hunt around. Add in the improvements to menu structure and Rancho now has a world-class, mobile optimized site.


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