The Challenge

This project presented a new challenge: combining two separate colleges into one new site. Johnson and Lyndon State Colleges both have their own identity and culture. We had to find how to bring those together, yet keep their voices distinct. Beyond that, there was the technical challenge of combining their content. Academics, news, events, student life, staff and admissions all had to be integrated.

  • Phased Implementation
  • Migration of Two Separate Databases
  • Combining Overlapping Content
  • EMS API Integration
  • Creation of Online Campus Mini-Site
NVU before screenshots
nvu after screenshot


Sitemap Workshop

With the complexity of merging two existing sites into one, a sitemap workshop was a neccessity. KWALL worked, in person, with the NVU stakeholders to architect the site.


KWALL took NVU through our full design process: wireframes, visual design, prototypes and completion of a style guide. 


Our team of web developers built NVU a fully responsive, accessible, multi-media rich website that complies with all the latest standards and practices. 

Phase 1 and 2 Homepages
NVU phase 1 and 2 screenshots

Phased Implementation

We began with an interim website that organized the two streams of information. But, ultimately the first site linked back to Lyndon and Johnson's separate sites. We then took our time to craft a more complete solution that fully integrated both schools.

NVU academic listing screenshot

Detailed Tagging System for Campuses

All the content was meticulously reviewed and categorized by campus, so that students could see exactly what was offered where. 

NVU degree search screenshot

Flexible Degree Search

Since both schools had overlapping degrees we organized them around areas of interest. This way students can see all their options at both campuses. We also included more detailed search fields for students who know exactly what they want.

NVU student life screenshot

Spotlight on Student Life

Northern Vermont has an incredible array of outdoor activities including hiking, skiing and rock climbing. We wanted to highlight the unique opportunities students were afforded at NVU. 

NVU apply screenshot

Step-by-step Application Process

Applying to college is complicated. Students benefit from having a single, comprehensive overview - instead of information scattered on different pages. We carefully reviewed both campuses application process and put together detailed instructions. 

Online Campus
NVU online screenshot
Events Center
NVU Events Screenshot
Campus Landing Page
NVU campus page screenshot

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Northern Vermont University needed a seamless web-presence built around their two campuses. This took stakeholders, developers and designers all coming together to carefully plan the new site. We developed a unique content strategy that would put students and their access to information first. 


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