The Challenge

For over 125 years, SCSU has been dedicated to inspiring minds and transforming lives, but their old website wasn’t helping them achieve their goals.  The site layout was cluttered and confusing, navigation was poor, and it was difficult to track old content and files. So, working with the SCSU team, we applied our own brand of inspiration and transformation to solve the issues.  


before website screenshots
after project screenshot


Sitemap Workshop

We collaborated with the SCSU team to create an entirely new site organization and menu structure.


KWALL created a flexible design system that gives SCSU the freedom to customize their content, while staying on-brand. 


From a custom campus map, to content migration, to new ways to manage media, this is a truly modern website. Both for content editors and visitors to the site.

computer and phone with menus opened


Utilizing the Drupal 8 CMS, we created a more targeted user experience and more direct navigation. A new navigation structure and layout were created to help minimize the amount of clicks that users had to make. With the simplified navigation, students had a clear direction about where to go on the site. To make the site accommodate both laptop and mobile platforms, we collapsed the menu into a style that worked for both.  Additionally, the search function was made easily available in the menu.

homepage screenshot with images of students

Interactive Content

Parents want to see what the return on investment is for their child.  So, we created large, exciting visuals that showcase what can be expected from an SCSU education. Large walls of text tend to lose readers, so we tell the story through images and dynamic components.

Head shot of Chris Perugini

“When we made the decision to rebuild our university’s main website from the ground up, we knew that we were going to need help doing it. KWALL was extremely flexible and willing to meet us where we were from day one.

Once we had a plan in place, they helped us execute each phase of the project in an efficient and timely manner. From design concepts to wireframes to custom coding, they were able to keep us on track and focused on our goals. I can’t imagine a better experience than the one we had building out our new website with KWALL.”

-Chris Perugini | Web Application Development Specialist SCSU

academic page screenshot
Custom Campus Map
Campus map screenshot
About Us
about us screenshot

By cleaning up the site structure, simplifying navigation and breathing new life into the design SCSU has a whole new user experience. Prospective students see an organized and engaging website, just like the school.


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