The Challenge

The library at UCSB has always been the intellectual core of the university. Recently, that core became even bigger. With an $80 million-dollar expansion project completed in 2016, the library doubled in size. Now students, faculty, staff and the community have increased access to millions of books, journals, films, and sound recordings. But all of that information posed a problem for the library’s old website.

  • Easy to access information
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Modern design
  • Accessibility
UCSB library old homepage design
UCSB library new homepage design


Library exploration

We had the pleasure of getting a tour of the new facilities and the beautiful architecture. Much of the design elements and patterns were inspired by the interior design and textures that are used throughout the library.


The main goal of the website is to help facilitate student research efforts. From the moment you open the site on your desktop or mobile device you are engaged with search features.

Content migration

With so much information, events, and exhibitions, we brought over all of the legacy content to keep it accessible to the public. Filters and overall site search the content that users need can be found with ease.

News Center
newscenter screenshot
collections screenshot
maps screenshot
hours screenshot

Library hours

UCSB library has numerous rooms and floors that have different hours. To keep things clear we designed and weekly overview of when these different desks and offices were open. Students can plan their schedules accordingly to never be surprised.

UCSB library events and exhibition landing page design


Events and exhibitions are so important to the view of a library and what they offer. A visual list of past, present, and future events are available and give the users the ability to filter the content to their interests.

UCSB library interior search page design

Simplified search

The homepage starts as the first spot to begin your research. On the interior search page we were able to bring down the visual impact and show students all the fields and information they needed to complete their research.


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