The Challenge

We set out to create a website just as modern, cultured and expansive as The University at Albany. However, UAlbany wanted to get their new site up as quick as possible, while still being thoughtful with their content. We had to come up with some creative solutions for this unique project. 

  • Modernize website
  • Quick Implementation
  • Simplify navigation
  • Highlight academic and research achievement
  • Integrate with Shibboleth, LDAP and social accounts
University at Albany before screenshot
University at Albany after screenshot


User Centered

We developed user personas based on UAlbany's varying student body. These were used to plan out user journeys: detailed maps of how students would progress through the site. This allowed us to plan interactions ahead of our design phase.


We created a custom design that was visually inspired by UAlbany's incredible architecture. We back that up with carefully planned content strategy based on our research and user journeys.

Phased Implementation

We took this project in separate phases, starting with the homepage and top-level pages. This allowed us to get the important pages up quickly, while still keeping the content and design high quality. 

Landing Page
landing page screenshot
academics page screenshot
events page screenshot
Mega menu screenshot

Mega Menu

We broke the mega-menu down into bite-sized chunks of information in clearly labled sections. The first column is for audience based navigation (prospective students, current students, faculty etc.). The second column is the topics most iportant to students and the thrid is for resources. This allows everyone to get where they're going, without having to dig into multiple levels of options.

screenshot of school stats

Stats Tell The Story

More powerful then just listing classes and institutes is to show students your achievements in numbers. Stats reinforce your message and are more direct.

news and events component screenshot

News & Events

UAlbany is a large community with every type of news and event imaginable. We integrated with their existing system so everything is centralized. No managing two separate databases. 


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