Have an issue with a website? We can help. Our support services are provided within the hours of 8-6 Pacific time Monday through Friday. We do monitor outside of standard business hours and requests will be reviewed. 

If this is a new project that you need support from the KWALL team on please reach out here and we'll contact you and see how we can help.

Current Customers

If you have an active project in Asana: 

  1. Head over to your Asana Project and Login
  2. Add a support task, tag it with "Support" via the tags (example)
  3. Assign the project task to your project manager

Support tagged items send out notifications to our assigned support team which will action the ticket even if the Project Manager is in a meeting or on vacation giving us visibility to your issue as quick as possible.

Please Note in your task:

  • The time the event happened
  • The URL of the issue found
  • How you got the error
  • How to replicate it if there are any steps to reproduce
  • The urgency of the issue

Past Customers Without Asana Projects

If you are a KWALL past client or current customer who doesn't have an active Asana Project with us or Support SLA please fill out the form below. 

If this issue has a specific item that is having issue please provide the URL. In Drupal it may be a node that isn't showing up somewhere, or a URL of a form that isn't working. Please provide this here.