Using Drupal as the software to manage your new website will make it easy for administrators to organize, manage, and publish online content. 

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) with a flexible web framework that allows us to design and build amazing things. There are many advantages to using Drupal, below are four of the most often cited reasons.

  • It’s License Free

    As an open source software Drupal does not come with any licensing fees or binding maintenance agreements.

  • It’s Flexible

    A large community of committed developers continuously collaborates to extend the system and support emerging technologies. The list of contributed modules is always growing and new solutions can be developed based on need.

  • It’s Secure

    Drupal has a dedicated security team that rigorously tests and analyzes core and contributed code for weaknesses. In addition, the large Drupal user base ensures that any security issues that do arise are immediately identified and swiftly repaired.

  • It’s Supported

    Other proprietary products purchased off the shelf typically provide you with annual support options. Drupal gives you options. Since Drupal has a community of over 1 million individuals and companies, you are free to create a support path that works for your organization.