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Lincoln Land Community College

Lincoln Land Community College is a comprehensive community college serving 13,800 individuals, of all ages, through credit and non-credit courses.  It is the largest community college district in Illinois in terms of land mass. The then existing LLCC website was originally designed by an outside company in 2014. The College’s subsequent focus on enrollment growth and the addition of a student and employee portal has caused us to look at the content and design of the website.

Our Process
LLCC went through a detailed planning process with KWALL. Not just for their content strategy, but also to plan their transition to Drupal. We evaluated multiple CMS's and ultimately landed on Drupal migration as the best solution. Next, we focused on bringing the LLCC brand online to showcase them as a vibrant, modern school. The design language has been completely updated throughout the site.
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Many Pathways
Community colleges serve many diverse audiences: transfer students, high schoolers, adult learners and non-degree seekers to name a few. We added several sections on the homepage to segment our audience and get them to relevant information quickly.

Areas of Interest
Some students know exactly what they want, others are still finding their way. We segmented LLCC's programs by topic, so students can browse broad categories. For the ones who know exactly what they want, we added advanced filters and search options.